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MCESD Council Discusses the EU Semester 2023: Country Report for Malta

The social partners considered and detailed the European Semester 2023: Country Report for Malta during a meeting of the MCESD Council, which also included specific recommendations. Mr Lorenzo Vella, the recently appointed Head of the European Commission Representation in Malta, attended the meeting and highlighted the appreciation of Malta’s EU Representation of social partners and […]

MCESD Focuses on Addressing the Cost of Living and Inflation

The Maltese Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) convened its tenth council meeting, focusing on key priorities in line with its mission. The session primarily centred around the pressing issues of the cost of living and inflation. The social partners engaged with prominent actors in this area, including the Governor of the Central Bank […]

The Annual National Productivity Report focused on Research Development and Innovation as enablers of Competitiveness and Productivity

The National Productivity Board successfully hosted its highly anticipated annual conference. This impactful event focused on the theme of Research Development, and Innovation (RDI) as priority enablers to propel Malta’s productivity and competitiveness as long-term drivers. The conference drew the attention of esteemed speakers including the Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Robert Abela, the Minister […]

Gozo Regional Committee Presents Proposals for Gozo’s Sustainable Future at MCESD Meeting

During an MCESD meeting dedicated to the Gozo Regional Committee (GRC), seven influential stakeholders from Gozo represented by ‘Għal Għawdex’, engaged in addressing important proposals that impact Gozo and its residents. The ‘Għal Għawdex’ coalition is comprised of the island’s three prominent environmental NGOs – Din l-Art Ħelwa Għawdex, Wirt Għawdex, and Għawdix, together with […]

Social Partners provide feedback on a White Paper presenting Proposed Amendments to Occupational Health and Safety Act at MCESD Council Meeting

With a shared goal of fostering a safer work environment, social partners converged at the ninth MCESD council meeting of 2023 to deliberate amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA) Act. The proposed white paper aims at tighter operations with more impactful deliverables of the OHSA through the introduction of the ‘Health and […]

Għal Għawdex

A presentation by ‘Għal Għawdex’ organisation member, Mr Godfrey Swain, shared within the MCESD Council Meeting on 24/5/2023 to brief the social partners on One Environmental Gozo Vision. The presentation can be accessed here.

A New Health and Safety at Work Act

A presentation by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OHSA) Consultant, Dr Jeanine Schembri, shared within the MCESD Council Meeting on 24/05/2023 to update the social partners on the Proposed amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The presentation can be accessed here.

National Productivity Report 2022

The report’s primary focus is on research, development, and innovation (RDI) as a critical driver of productivity and competitiveness. RDI encompasses the efforts made by both private and public sector entities to develop new production methods, deliver goods and services, and create innovative products. The report adopts a broad definition of RDI, which includes organisational […]

MCESD Meets at the Central Bank of Malta to Discuss the Reform of the Judiciary System

The Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) convened its eighth council meeting at the Central Bank of Malta, one of its important social partners, to address priority matters aligned with its core mission. The focus of the meeting revolved around the ongoing Judiciary Reform, a significant initiative within the country’s justice system. Present […]