Budget 2025 – Proposals by members of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development

Request for Quotations

for the engagement of Consultants (Researchers/Economists) with the Malta Council of Social and Economic Development (MCESD) to

  • assist the Gozo Regional Committee (GRC) and the Civil Society Committee (CSC) in the preparation of their respective sectorial 2025 Budget Proposals document
  • Assist social partners to create value to their proposals, and
  • coordinate and compile a consolidation report of MCESD Budget Proposals 2025



As part of the National Budgetary cycle, an annual exercise is carried out, wherein MCESD collates budget proposals forwarded by the social partner members within MCESD.  An exercise is undertaken to coordinate and consolidate these proposals into one converged report forwarded to the Minister of Finance for his consideration. 

In providing overall direction regarding budgetary measures to be proposed, MCESD urges social partners to collectively try to shape a budget that drives national ambitions of an improved economy motivated by human-centric development through digitalisation, the respect of environmental wellbeing, honest social equity and supported by the highest governance practices at all levels.  Particular attention should be given to proposals that support the green and digital transitions.

Social partners were urged to use this exercise as an opportunity to forward proposals that aim to foster a regenerative and distributive economic update aimed at driving the aspirations of current and future generations.

Terms of Reference

  1. Assist the Gozo Regional Committee (GRC) and the Civil Society Committee (CSC) in the preparation of their separate budget proposals document.
    • Hold meetings, as need be, with GRC and CSC members to facilitate the generation of contributions.
    • Engage, as need be, in focused discussions to elaborate/clarify particular proposals.
    • Compile and package separate budget proposal reports for GRC and CSC.
  1. Assist social partners, as need be, to create value to their proposals by clearly defining the proposals’ scope and goals, provide detail on how such proposals will be implemented and their proposed impact ( e.g time and money saved as a result of automation)
  1. Preparation of a consolidated report outlining the categorisation, classification and analysis of all Social Partners (Unions, Employer Bodies, Civil Society Committee and the Gozo Regional Committee) Budgetary Proposals 2025 including their prioritisation

Report prepared should include:

  1. Categorisation of Budgetary Proposals under the themes of:
    • Culture & Arts
    • Economy & Enterprise
    • Education & Employment
    • Energy & Environment
    • Governance & Justice
    • Health
    • Infrastructure & Investment
    • Social Impact

2. Distinguish between cross-cutting measures and sectoral measures. For sectoral measures, kindly indicate

the relevant sector/s

3. Indication, where possible, if National Budget/EU funding has been allocated for such measure

4. Indication, where possible, if measure proposed is a national initiative or emanates from EU legislation

5. Highlight areas of agreement/convergence amongst proposals forwarded by the different social partners

6. Link proposals to ESG factors, the Green Economy and Just Transition

7. Where applicable, indication if the proposed measures tackle the main National concerns of Inflation,

Population Growth, Wellbeing and Competitiveness

8. Preparation and delivery of a presentation, outlining the above, to be delivered to Minister of Finance and/or his representative, also during a purposely held MCESD Budgetary proposals meeting

The Final Report, working excel sheet and presentation are to be considered together as the final deliverable.

Timeframes for implementation

The Final deliverable is to be forwarded to MCESD by the first week of September 2024.

Presentation to Council members to be delivered during a subsequent MCESD Council meeting.

Estimated Value

The estimated procurement value is €4500 (excluding VAT)

The purpose of this value shall be the guidance of prospective bidders when submitting their offer and is not to be considered as a binding capping price.

Therefore, the published Estimated Procurement Value is not restrictive and final on the Contracting Authority. Economic Operators are free to submit financial offers above or below the Estimated Procurement Value. However, the Contracting Authority reserves the right to accept or reject Financial Offers exceeding the Estimated Procurement Value.


Interested researchers/economists are to submit a Proposal by email to MCESD on [email protected] including recommended actions and initiatives, the CV/s of the person/s undertaking the study (outlining their academic background, research competence and experience in the subject area, including proven record of experience in collaborating with social partners) and financial offer by the 30th June 2024.

Note: In the case of a Company, the appointed expert assigned to carry out the study, cannot be changed during the course of the study unless there are extraordinary circumstances and any changes have to be approved by the Chairman, MCESD.