MCESD Meets at the Central Bank of Malta to Discuss the Reform of the Judiciary System

The Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) convened its eighth council meeting at the Central Bank of Malta, one of its important social partners, to address priority matters aligned with its core mission. The focus of the meeting revolved around the ongoing Judiciary Reform, a significant initiative within the country’s justice system.

Present at the meeting was the Justice Minister, Hon. Jonathan Attard, who provided a comprehensive update to the social partners on the progress made in the reform process and the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Hon. Andy Ellul.

Minister Attard emphasised the need for a realistic approach, as certain procedures have drawn dissatisfaction from the general public. During the Council meeting, he highlighted ongoing improvements, particularly in bolstering human resources and making infrastructural advancements, such as expanding the number of courtrooms and renovating the family court and Gozo court.

The Justice Minister also underscored the importance of ongoing studies exploring the incorporation of artificial intelligence into certain systems, a move aimed at enhancing overall efficiency.

A key highlight of the meeting was a detailed presentation delivered by the Law Commissioner, Judge Antonio Mizzi. The presentation focused on proposed amendments relating to various aspects, including the number of cases, burden of proof, witness testimony, prima facie evidence, procedural length, act corrections, early guilty pleas, provisional liberty, measures post-indictment issuance, victim support, transitory provisions, and monitoring and evaluation.

The participation of social partners in the discussion was particularly notable, highlighting their recognition of the reform’s significance for the expected improvement of the national justice system. Their active engagement reflects the MCESD’s commitment to shaping a more robust and equitable future for Malta.

The MCESD remains dedicated to engaging in discussions concerning matters of national importance, such as the Judiciary Reform, alongside its social partners. The active involvement of all stakeholders is vital to the successful implementation of these reforms. Moving forward, the MCESD will continue to foster these dialogues, seeking to incorporate the interests and perspectives of all involved parties.

This Judiciary Reform proposal is understood to be a first step in a number of actions that are expected to improve Malta’s justice system, and the MCESD’s active participation in this reform process underscores the organisation’s commitment to driving economic and social development within the country.

The presentation offered valuable insights into these proposed amendments, sparking in-depth discussions among the attendees, and it can be accessed from here.