National Productivity Report 2022

The report’s primary focus is on research, development, and innovation (RDI) as a critical driver of productivity and competitiveness. RDI encompasses the efforts made by both private and public sector entities to develop new production methods, deliver goods and services, and create innovative products. The report adopts a broad definition of RDI, which includes organisational innovation, market innovation, and input innovation.

Recognizing the consensus on the importance of RDI for productivity, the report aims to gain a deeper understanding of the key drivers and challenges associated with RDI development in Malta. It seeks to provide policymakers with recommendations to address these challenges and foster RDI activities effectively.

The report analyses RDI and productivity on a sector-by-sector level, examining how relevant policies and initiatives can stimulate RDI activities in key economic sectors. The recommendations presented in this report should be considered in the context of the current global economic landscape, including Malta, as well as the fact that Malta has consistently lagged behind its European counterparts in terms of RDI spending and participation.

The full version of the National Productivity report can be accessed here.

The abstract version of the National Productivity Report can be accessed here.