The MCESD Chair talks about skills for future competitiveness

During seminar for stakeholders, organised by the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) and chaired by the speaker of the House of Representatives inside the plenary of the Maltese Parliament, a number of challenges reinforced with recommendations from representations of Government entities were discussed, to combat the shortfall of skills in the local labour market. Present for this seminar were members of parliament from both sides of the chamber.

MCESD Chairperson James Pearsall, in his speech, stressed the importance of raising concerns about the existence of skills shortages in the local labour market, as among other reasons they could lead to lack of competitiveness.

Mr. Pearsall, while congratulating the MEA on compiling this report said that, as the report itself points out the problem of shortage of skills in the vocational sector had been experienced for quite a long time and many of the causes of what is leading to this situation, emerged from the focus groups of this report.

He pointed out that while we must always keep up to date with the demands of today, we must first recognize and fully understand what the needs of our country are, in order for these recommendations to be effective.

The Chairperson appealed to the Unions, the employers, and all workers’ representations to collaborate all together, and while continuing to build on their good work, strengthen and work harder on the training of workers.

In his conclusions, the Chairperson of the MCESD said that through the effectiveness of social dialogue and after following the conclusions and recommendations emerged from the MEA report and from the interventions of the present stakeholders, he will see that the social partners will be well informed about this, and discussions will reach MCESD levels. These suggestions and recommendations should be addressed for the good of the future of our country and for the livelihood of both Maltese and Gozitan workers to continue improving.