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MCESD Chairperson held a meeting with MEP David Casa

MCESD Chairperson held a virtual meeting with MEP David Casa. This meeting served as an opportunity to further discuss topics that were tackled during the MCESD meeting including: the impact of inflation on disposable income, security of supplies, and the logistical issues of those products being imported and exported facing Maltese business.

During this meeting, MEP David Casa explained to MCESD’s Chairperson the benefits of the Social Climate Fund Report – a multi-billion euro fund that was  jointly negotiated by MEP David Casa and Esther de Lange. MEP David Casa said that this fund will secure more solar panels, more insulation, more efficient appliances, more efficient and affordable public transport, and more electric cars.

The chairperson of the MCESD while congratulating MEP David Casa for the work he has done in this report, gave an overview to MEP Casa on the 5 research reports carried out by the MCESD concerning fiscal stability, environmental sustainability, social justice, and productivity and innovation.

The ultimate aim of this meeting was to ensure that, like the other meetings that the Chairperson of the MCESD is organising with the Maltese MEPs, the discussions that take place within the MCESD reach European levels, thus social dialogue continues to be effective at both its formal and informal levels.

Mr. James Pearsall and MEP David Casa focused their discussion on employment and Social Affairs. MEP Casa stressed that we must continue to strengthen social dialogue by liaising more with MCESD so that ongoing discussions at EU levels are inline with what is being discussed in the council meeting of MCESD, for the ultimate good of our country.

Mr. Pearsall, following last meeting with MEP Cyrus Engerer, MEP Alfred Sant, MEP Josianne Cutajar and MEP Alex Agius Saliba extended the invitation to MEP David Casa to attend and participate in a formal MCESD meeting, following the social partners’ request.