Current themes discussed at MCESD meeting

In a meeting of the Maltese Council for Economic and Social Development the social partners discussed the impact of  inflation on the Maltese economy. The Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Social Dialogue the Hon. Andy Ellul attended the meeting together with the social partners.

The Chairperson of the MCESD, Mr James Pearsall gave an account of the work being done in the MCESD after each council meeting. He stressed, that the themes discussed  during  council meetings are not just discussions but that the MCESD takes the necessary actions to carry out more in depth research and communication to support what is being discussed. The aim for all this is so that finally the best  evidence based recommendations reach the Maltese Government.

At the request of the social partners, it was agreed to invite the Maltese Euro-Parliamentarians to a MCESD meeting to follow the ongoing discussions affecting our country. The aim of this invitation is for the social dialogue to continue to strengthen and reach European levels.

During the meeting, the social partners discussed  how the operation and structure of MCESD can be further strengthened.