MCESD Social Partners meeting

Navigating Malta’s Transport Challenges and Drug-Induced Violence on the agenda of the MCESD

At its third social dialogue meeting of the year, MCESD convened all social partners around the table to address two extremely significant national issues. The first part of the meeting was devoted to the Navigation of Transport Challenges on Maltese roads, while the second part was devoted to Drug-Induced Violence as proposed by MHRA.

During the first part of the meeting, the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, the Hon. Aaron Farrugia, was invited to the first part of the council meeting, where he presented the theme “Navigating Our Transport Challenges” and addressed questions from the Social Partners.

Two presentations detailed the discussion on this topic. Malta Public Transport presented their thoughts on how they plan to make Malta’s system of public transportation more reliable and attractive. The presentation may be accessed here.

The Foundation for Transport presented a broad analysis and considered recommendations on how to reduce peak-hour traffic congestion on the Maltese roads. The presentation may be accessed here.

The second part of the meeting addressed Drug-Induced Violence during which the Minister for Social Policy and Children’s Rights, the Hon. Michael Falzon, was invited to express his views on this issue and answer questions from the Social Partners.

Also invited to the meeting was a representative of the Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms, and Equality. A number of specialised stakeholders were invited to the table to share their perspectives and participate in the discussion on this prioritised matter.

The following stakeholders made presentations on this topic:

  • SEDQA provided the Social Partners with vital information, including data on drug-related violence, the results of research on the link between drugs and violence, and the current situation in Malta. The presentation may be accessed here.


  • CARITAS Malta gave data and described the services and treatments they provide for people who have addiction to substances. The presentation may be accessed here.


  • MENTAL Health Services were also invited to exchange their viewpoints on the effects of drugs on mental health. The presentation may be accessed here.


  • A designated expert from the UNIVERSITY Department of Criminology discussed and provided the Social Partners with the annual crime evaluation for 2022. The presentation may be accessed here.


  • The Deputy Police Commissioner outlined pertinent information on the safety enforcement actions that the Malta POLICE Force drives to address drug-induced violence. The presentation may be accessed here.


The Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul appreciated the value of social dialogue. On the subject matters of the meeting, he emphasised that the Governemt is determined to continue working on sustainable measures in the transport sector in order to impove on what has already been achieved. While speaking about the fight against drug abuse, he thanked and acknowledged the valuable work carried out by the represented service stakeholders who were present for the Council meeting and further appreciated that the MCESD is always ready to consider their recomendations for the benefit of the society.

The MCESD chairperson, David Xuereb said that today’s council meeting examined a compelling view of the subject matters that led to extremely comprehensive discussions, and these are expected to serve as a starting point for a convergent opinion on what matters most.  These convergent positions are expected to be communicated back to the authorities for consideration and action.