ESF4.265 – Moving towards a more effective Social and Civil Dialogue

€12,999 financed through ESF Funds (2014-2020)

This project was financed through Priority Axis 4. The main aim of this project was to involve the general public to address information gaps and empower the Gozo Regional Committee and the Civil Society Committee. This project included two actions, one to be carried in Gozo, focusing on the Gozo Regional Committee (GRC) and the other action to be held in Malta, focusing on the Civil Society Committee (CSC). Each action included public hearings open for the general public, a plenary session open for the members of GRC and CSC and recommendation reports.

The project objectives were: -To address information gaps in areas identified by stakeholders through public consultation dialogues; -To involve the general public in ensuring a wider and more effective Social and Civil Dialogue; -To empower the Civil Society Committee (CSC) and Gozo Regional Committee (GRC) members to be in a more informed position during policy formulation.