ESF.04.158 – Enhancing the positive contribution of social dialogue through evidence-based research

€111,250 financed through ESF Funds (2014-2020)

This project shall be contributing to the ESF development need ‘Strengthen the social dialogue in ESF related policy areas’. Specifically, it is addressing identified weaknesses in the role MCESD plays in social dialogue in Malta and Gozo as the highest forum of consultation in our country when it comes to tripartite social dialogue. MCESD has already implemented ESF funded projects strengthening the social dialogue in our country. Through this project, MCESD shall address the fact that factual bases for discussion are not always used during consultations with stakeholders. MCESD picked four (4) thematic areas on which scientific research will be carried out as a factual basis for discussion.

Enhancing female participation in social dialogue

Improving the technical capacity of social partners

Expanding investments in R&D and in the new economy

Reduction of greenhouse gases

The research topics emanated from the European Commission􀂶s Country Specific Recommendations for Malta issued earlier in 2020. Specific attention was given to those measures which are linked to wider economic sustainability. The research findings shall be used as practical examples and factual information for training delivered to MCESD staff. Training materials will be kept by MCESD for the training of newly recruited MCESD staff for sustainability purposes.

A final online conference shall be delivered to disseminate recommendations emanating from the research reports to Government and civil society stakeholders and discuss key findings of the research in a bid to promote more robust social dialogue in these policy areas. This shall promote better policy-making in the long-term but also the start of meaningful and evidence-based social dialogue on these topics during the project lifetime, in the short-term.