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ESF.04.158 – Enhancing the positive contribution of social dialogue through evidence-based research

€111,250 financed through ESF Funds (2014-2020) This project shall be contributing to the ESF development need ‘Strengthen the social dialogue in ESF related policy areas’. Specifically, it is addressing identified weaknesses in the role MCESD plays in social dialogue in Malta and Gozo as the highest forum of consultation in our country when it comes […]

ESF4.95 – Closer to Europe

€467,323 financed through ESF Funds (2007-2013) The purpose of the project Closer to Europe was to encourage and sustain the development of a more effective social and civil dialogue in Malta and Gozo, by empowering local stakeholders through the provision of up-to-date information on social, economic and EU-related matters; the promotion of lifelong learning and […]

Hon Clyde Caruana and Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue Andy Ellul discuss the National Reform Programme with social partners

Finance Minister Clyde Caruana and Parliamentary secretary for Social Dialogue Andy Ellul met with the social partners to discuss the National Reform Programme 2022. In this report all European members report all the measures that are being implemented and being planned to be implemented to increase employment and economic growth along with plans to prevent […]

ESF.04.158 – Enhancing Female Participation in Social Dialogue – MCESD Report

The MCESD commissioned a report to analyse female participation in social dialogue. The study found that 25% of representatives in social dialogue are females. Nevertheless, participation is primarily merit-based and no attempts discourage females from being part of social dialogue. Rather, the situation has been improving over time and is reflective of the market itself. […]

ESF.04.158 – Improving Technical Capacity of Social Partners Report published by MCESD

The MCESD commissioned a report to analyse the status of the technical capacity of social partners and make recommendations to enhance it. It was found that the technical capacity by itself cannot be as effective when applied to social dialogue than when accompanied by adequate core capacities and an enabling environment. Therefore, the study sought […]