Work by MCESD working groups comprising of researchers in full swing

  • Presentation on AI and Future of Work by Prof. Alexei Dingli an example of MCESD’s evidence-based research prior to MCESD themed meetings


Following the setting up of the working groups tied to evidence-based research to be conducted prior to each and every MCESD meeting, the working groups have now been formed and the experts involved are focusing on their research themes.

One of the themes is Productivity and Innovation whereby research is conducted on the improvement of productivity, research and innovation whilst recognising the constraints of limited resources and aging populations. This includes the fast adaptation of digital technologies, AI and the Internet of Things; the nurturing of an adequately skilled workforce; and the improvement of the business environment.

While on the subject of AI, a presentation had been put together by Prof. Alexei Dingli and was delivered during a recent MCESD meeting on the future of work and which tackled Artificial Intelligence.

This is an example of what MCESD is doing when is speaks about evidence-based research prior to MCESD meetings – an idea that was brought about by chairperson James H. Pearsall when he was appointed in August of last year.

In various interviews with different sections of the media, Mr Pearsall was quoted as saying that the research helps social partners who are members of the MCESD Council and comprise of representatives of trade unions, employee and employer organisations, have a good idea of what will be discussed during the meetings and through the research, members of the Council can contribute in a much more concrete manner. This is opposed to attending a meeting without having any knowledge of the subject matter to be discussed. The research gives the topic for discussion a more comprehensive understanding of what is being done and what can be done in future in relation to the national priority which would be up for discussion, be it on the future of work or other arising matters of national importance.

PDF of Presentation FutureOfWrk