MCESD supporting future tech preparedness for Malta

• We need to be prepared for AI so that we do not have a repeat of unpreparedness related to remote work
• Most countries were not ready to work remotely
• Advances in AI technology opened up new opportunities for progress in critical areas such as health, education, energy, and the environment

The lockdowns that followed the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has tested digital infrastructure across the globe, including Malta.
In this regard, MCESD chairperson James H. Pearsall insisted that stakeholders need to be prepared for future technology investments such as Artificial Intelligence.
He said that Malta, like many other countries, had to deal with the issues both telework/ remote work brought about. We moved along through unforeseen circumstances which created situations in which we were unprepared due to the dynamics of the pandemic. We had to face drastic changes in environment.
“Covid brought about changes in the way we work, maybe considered as positive however certain issues that cropped up as we worked from home were never taken envisaged beforehand and both the public and private sector were forced to implement measures in relation to remote work on a day to day basis.
“Were all households equipped to deal with such changes that came along so quick?” he asked.
Therefore, he highlighted that to avoid a repeat of this, we need to embrace change such as tech advances but we need to have certain structures in place beforehand, referring to AI.
In this context, he further explained that MCESD is doing its utmost to facilitate a healthy discussion among its Council members comprising of representatives of trade unions, employee and employer organisations, civil society and the Gozo regional committee, on AI-related aspects.
Citing an example, he said that recently, a presentation was delivered to MCESD Council members on AI by an expert in the field – Prof. Alexei Dingli.
One of Malta’s primary objectives is establishing clear national goals for technology investments.
Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have opened up new markets and new opportunities for progress in critical areas such as health, education, energy, and the environment. In recent years, machines have surpassed humans in the performance of certain specific tasks, such as some aspects of image recognition. Experts forecast that rapid progress in the field of specialised AI are set to continue.
As a contribution towards preparing Malta for an AI future, it is vital that questions and ideas are raised and shared now for a better society.