The time is now: MCESD chairman’s message on MCAST apprenticeships

In today’s edition of the Malta Business Weekly, MCESD chairman James H. Pearsall writes about the apprenticeship programme offered by MCAST. The chairman urges MCESD’s social partners to participate in the MCAST apprenticeships’ programme in a bid to enhance the employability skills of young job seekers.

The programme gives students the opportunity for students to enhance their skills through hands-on experience while undergoing training. In other words, students will undergo college-based learning coupled with industry-based training.

An apprenticeship gives you the chance to engage with employers and achieve opportunities in a bid to become part of an active labour force while you develop your competences. Another positive aspect of the programme is that you will learn and earn money at the same time. MCAST is currently working with many businesses in Malta to provide high-quality apprenticeship opportunities.

Apprenticeships facilitate the transition into the labour market as they do not only offer the technical skills related to the job and the knowledge required in the process, but they provide the most essential skills referred to as employability skills. These serve as a catalyst in constructing the individual’s character. This serves not only as an investment for the company but mainly to the individual involved.