The MCESD Presents Social Partners’ Converged and Prioritised Budget 2024 Proposals to the Finance Minister.

In an effective collaborative exercise, the MCESD Social Partners, including Unions, Employers, the Civil Society Committee, and the Gozo Regional Committee, have finalised their budget proposals for the upcoming 2024 budget after having discussed, considered, and prioritised all sectorial proposals. This follows a comprehensive discussion during the latest MCESD Council meeting, where the social partners engaged in constructive dialogue with the Minister of Finance.

On the 25th September, Hon. Clyde Caruana officially received the MCESD social partners’ proposals document for the Budget 2024. In attendance during this official presentation were the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Hon. Andy Ellul, the MCESD Chairperson, Perit David Xuereb, the MCESD Deputy Chairperson, Mark Musú, the MCESD’s Executive Secretary, Adriana Chircop, and the MCESD-appointed expert engaged to direct and compile the said proposals, Dr. Gordon Cordina.

The MCESD’s budget proposals have been thoughtfully organised into 80 distinct measures within 14 overarching themes. These proposals reflect a focus on enhancing the efficiency of public sector activities, especially in areas such as governance, industrial relations, and the provision of public goods.

A notable feature of these proposals is the increased allocation of funds to critical areas such as environmental initiatives, transport infrastructure, and measures to bolster business competitiveness. These strategic investments signify a forward-looking approach aimed at fortifying Malta and Gozo’s long-term economic resilience.

During the presentation, Perit David Xuereb highlighted the meticulous process undertaken to arrive at converged pre-budget proposals. The budget proposals were crafted with prioritisation that balances short-term needs with long-term stability for sustainable socio-economic development.

As these 2024 budget proposals from the social partners are now officially concluded and handed over to the finance minister, they hold the potential to influence the fiscal landscape and promote inclusive development. Such is the value of meaningful social dialogue in Malta, championed by the MCESD.