Budget 2024: Social Partners Present Proposals to the Government in an MCESD Meeting

In an MCESD meeting, the social partners presented their 2024 budget priorities and proposals. The meeting featured the active participation of key government figures, including the Minister for Finance and Work, the Hon. Clyde Caruana, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, the Hon. Andy Ellul, who welcomed these vital contributions from the social partners.

Mr. Mark Musù, the Deputy Chairperson of the MCESD, presided over the meeting and provided a comprehensive explanation of the process through which the MCESD receives and assesses proposals from its members, the Social Partners. He underscored the significance of categorising these proposals into themes, a procedure that facilitates more efficient discussions and decision-making.

To shed more light on this process, Dr. Gordon Cordina, the MCESD’s appointed expert, delivered a presentation during the council meeting. He revealed that the social partners’ proposals had been meticulously grouped into 14 distinct thematic categories, comprising a total of 80 measures. Council members were urged to offer their perspectives on these measures’ significance and priority levels, ensuring a consensus among all stakeholders, which includes unions, employers, the Civil Society Committee, and the Gozo Regional Committee.

After Dr. Cordina’s presentation, social partners held in-depth discussions with the government representatives about their Budget 2024 proposals. The discussion enabled a thorough examination of the presented ideas, fostering a greater sense of mutual understanding among the social partners.

Minister Clyde Caruana responded to the proposals of the social partners with gratitude for their contributions, emphasising the strategic importance of the 2024 Budget in addressing international challenges. He stressed that the budget not only demands courage but also offers a clear strategic direction for the years ahead.

Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul emphasised the government’s strong belief in social dialogue and its commitment to further strengthening this area.

The MCESD characterised this meeting as a momentous occasion for the country’s future. The social partners presented concrete proposals in national interest.

This meeting between the social partners and the government represents a significant step in the process of shaping the 2024 budget. It serves as a prime example of the vital role of social dialogue and collaboration among the social partners in ensuring that the budget aligns with the needs and aspirations of the people of Malta and Gozo.