Chairperson and Executive Secretary of MCESD participated in the Euro conference, tackling National Productivity Reports.

A joint conference between France Stratégie and the French National Productivity Council, the OECD and the European Commission was organised to take stock of productivity and competitiveness in the euro zone.

MCESD Chairperson James Pearsell and Executive Secretary Adriana Chircop followed and participated this conference. Along with other items which fell under the agenda, the role and contribution of the National Productivity Boards (NPBs) was discussed.

In Malta’s case, the National Productivity Board falls under the remit of the MCESD which is also tasked with the preparation of the annual report, for which Malta will prepare its fourth report this year. Malta is one of a few European Union Member States that has taken up the European Council recommendation on the development of a national productivity board. This is in line with our belief of investing in ideas, recommendations, and policies which we trust will render a positive rate of return in the short and long term.

In a nutshell, from this conference it was highlighted that Euro participants are currently discussing how to join forces for the best contributions they can create to establish the importance of these reports. These reports are significant to manage countries to create the best policies for the future challenges that the EU is facing to keep its competitivity and productivity.