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2022 MCESD work programme presented to Social Partners

The social partners were presented with the 2022 work programme that MCESD – Malta Council for Economic and Social Development has for this year. MCESD’s Chairman and Mr. James Henry Pearsall remarked that despite the challenges ahead of us, we must continue to focus on priority issues for our country.   Minister Carmelo Abela spoke […]

MCESD staff start ESF-funded project training

MCESD staff today started receiving training in digital marketing as part of a European Social Fund (ESF) project MCESD successfully applied for. This project will be divided into 3 main phases: – Research on four thematic areas -Training of MCESD staff on communication and outreach to stakeholders – Dissemination of project outcomes to stakeholders. Leading […]

MCESD meeting discusses Malta’s Future Foreign Policy Strategy

An MCESD meeting this morning discussed Malta’s Future Foreign Policy Strategy. Minister under the Office of the Prime Minister Carmelo Abela addressed he meeting, along with Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo. Chairperson James H. Pearsall led the meeting. Social partners, comprising of representatives from trade unions, employer organisations, and civil society, shared their views. Minister […]

Addressing Gozo’s ‘double Insularity’: Regeneration proposals of Gozo heliport discussed

During a Gozo Regional Committee meeting, members of the GRC were given an in-depth presentation delivered by Captain Mark Anthony Said, on Connectivity: The airlink. The presentation tackled the eco-friendly renegeration proposals of the Gozo heliport following a public consultation. The air link is essential to reduce Gozo’s double insularity and to open Gozo’s markets […]

MCESD meeting kicks off public consultation process on EU funds

An MCESD meeting was held today on EU Funds for Malta tied to agricultural funds. The meeting will kick off a public consultation process. The document will be published on the website eufunds.gov.mt Minister Under the Office of the Prime Minister and who is responsible for Social Dialogue Carmelo Abela, Parliamentary Secretary For EU Funds […]

MCESD discusses mechanism for socially vulnerable

The MCESD today discussed an income protected mechanism that will see socially vulnerable individuals, mainly low-income earners benefit from a protection mechanism. The meeting also focused on an overview on the Budget in terms of public finances. The announcement tied to the proposed mechanism was made prior to the Budget speech by Finance Minister Clyde […]

MCESD participates in National Climate Change conference

The Executive Secretary of MCESD, Adriana Chircop, participated in the National Climate Change conference held at the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre (IACC) – Maurice De Cesare on October 26. In response to the climate change crisis, MECP launched a nationwide public awareness campaign to promote climate action. Indeed, central to the campaign were the very […]

MCESD, SEM meeting with European Court of Auditors Member Leo Brincat

The Maltese European Court of Auditors (ECA) Member Leo Brincat today said that the ECA is proposing a number of measures to instil transparency in the use of EU funds such as a data collection centralised system of EU funding recipients, in this case EU Member States utilising such funds for projects. Speaking during a […]