Two MCESD high-profile meetings called within 24 hours

Within 24 hours, MCESD brought together its members twice, comprising of representatives of trade unions, employer and employee organisations, and businesses to discuss issues of national importance and evolving situations, including one held at the Prime Minister’s office on the unfolding COVID situation on Friday.
MCESD’s prime objective, as new MCESD chairperson James Pearsall put it during six hours of talks on COVID between social partners and Government, is to further instill a sense of trust between social partners for the good of all citizens, without ignoring the fact that all stakeholders have to protect their organisation’s interests.
A hard task but not an impossible one hence MCESD’s role: to facilitate this change in thinking where social dialogue is concerned.
“The importance of having social partners meet under one roof and putting trust in each other is the only way forward; this will be MCESD’s imminent mission until it is accomplished,” Mr Pearsall highlighted.
“Fostering social dialogue plays a crucial role in promoting competitiveness and fairness and enhancing economic prosperity, along with social well-being,” he continued.

📸Photo shows Mr James Pearsal flanked by Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister Carmelo Abela during Thursday’s MCESD meeting on COVID.