Dr. Andy Ellu lwith MCESD Staff

Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue Andy Ellul visits MCESD offices and meets with the staff.

During a visit and a cordial meeting held a few days ago between the Chairperson and staff of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development and the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue Andy Ellul, five reports conducted by MCESD were presented and discussed. These reports concern fiscal stability, environmental sustainability, social justice, and productivity and innovation among others.

Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul explained that in the near future he will see that the recommendations of these reports are further analyzed, so that the process that was started in the last legislature can continue.

Dr. Ellul explained how the MCESD is one of the most important councils in the country and that his role as a Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Social Dialogue is committed to further strengthening the operation of the Council so that the best message will continue to be conveyed.