Online info session on Norwegian Model of Social Dialogue

MCESD Chairperson James Pearsall and Executive Secretary Adriana Chircop attended a training session organised by SEM on the Norwegian model of social dialogue.

Effective social dialogue structures and processes can lead to the resolution of important economic and social issues, advance social and industrial peace and stability and boost economic progress among others.

SEM contributes to social dialogue in Malta by informing and engaging social partners, civil society organisations, public and private organisations on the EU’s policy and legislative proposals, to encourage their feedback to the relevant authorities.

Agency officials also participate in meetings of the social partners and civil society representatives at the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development to provide in-depth updates of the long-term strategies and legislative proposals of the EU.

In view of this, SEM is currently implementing a project entitled ‘Promoting Improved Social Dialogue in Malta’. The informative online meeting tackled the Norwegian model of social dialogue, which is part and parcel of the above-mentioned project.