Report on MCESD operations presented today

Government strongly in favour of social dialogue and consultation – Minister Carmelo Abela says


During a conference organised by the Malta Chamber of SMEs, in conjunction with MCESD, a report on the operations of MCESD was presented by the EMCS Tax & Advisory. The report – which included face to face interviews with stakeholders and members of the media – is to help improve the entity’s operations in a bid to continue to strengthen social dialogue in Malta.
The report is part of an EU-funded European Social Fund (ESF) project. The title of the research is ‘An effective MCESD for social partners’. The Minister told members of MCESD, comprising Council members and representatives of the Civil Society Committee and the Gozo Regional Committee, that a number of steps were taken already as recommended in the report’s conclusions.
A new MCESD website and a stronger presence on social media, coupled with preparatory work tied to the themes discussed during MCESD meetings, giving MCESD stakeholders a heads-up on the title of the discussion prior to meetings, were some of the new positive changes MCESD implemented, the Minister highlighted.
A number of suggestions were made by stakeholders which will be compiled in a final report that will be presented during the next MCESD meeting to be held at MCAST on November 23.
MCESD Chairman Mr James Pearsall addressed stakeholders at the close of the conference.