Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue attended for the first time a Civil Society Committee meeting.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue Hon. Andy Ellul, attended and participated for the first time a meeting of the Civil Society Committee. The Civil Society Committee within the MCESD is chaired by Ben Rizzo and meets once a month to discuss with the representatives within it, important issues affecting the country and our citizens.

MCESD Chairperson James Pearsall said that following a request from the Parliamentary Secretary Hon. Andy Ellul to attend and meet with the Civil Society Committee the opportunity was taken to effectively hold this meeting, so that the Parliamentary Secretary would explore in more detail the representative areas that are in place within this committee.

The representatives present during this meeting introduced their work and gave a detailed explanation together with various relevant suggestions related to their respective sector they represent.

The Parliamentary Secretary described the Civil Society committee as an important organ for social dialogue, as it is the broadest representation of society. He stressed that he will be hearing and take on board good proposals issued by the representatives who form this committee.

The Chairperson of the Civil Society Committee Ben Rizzo presented a document on behalf of the committee to Hon. Andy Ellul. This document covers the highlights of the discussions that took place within the Civil Society Committee.