MCESD’s Civil Society Committee presents proposals on public bus service to the government.

The CSC within the MCESD presented its proposals for the improvement of the bus service in Malta to the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure, and Capital Projects and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Social Dialogue.

The CSC discusses and expresses the general public’s perspectives on national issues to government authorities.

In recent months, the Committee has examined ways to increase bus usage and decrease private vehicles on Maltese roads. Towards this end, a public survey was conducted by the Association for Consumer Rights Malta, which represents the consumer sector in the CSC.

Over 1,000 people from diverse social groups participated in this survey about the public bus service. The CSC also held meetings with Transport Malta (TM), the regulator, and Malta Public Transport (MPT), the operator of the public bus service in Malta.

Based on the input of the stakeholders, the CSC drew up a number of proposals intended to improve the service. These proposals were presented, along with the public’s suggestions, to the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, and Capital Projects, Aaron Farrugia, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Andy Ellul.

Minister Aaron Farrugia welcomed the committee’s proposals and stated that the government will continue discussions with the stakeholders to explore ways to improve the public bus service.

From his end, Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul lauded the CSC’s initiative and stated his conviction that this is how social dialogue in our country should operate. Dr. Ellul pledged that the government will listen to the people’s constructive suggestions.