MCESD Social Partners Briefed on Current and Planned Reinforcement of Malta’s Energy Distribution System

On the 7th December, the MCESD Council met the Minister for Environment, Energy, and Enterprise, Hon. Miriam Dalli, and the Executive Chairperson of Enemalta plc., Ing. Ryan Fava, to be updated on the technical and investment plans aimed at strengthening electricity infrastructure in Malta and Gozo.

Minister Dalli referred to all the detailed recommendations made by MCESD in its meeting of July 2023, where emphasis was placed on the necessity to reinforce the country’s energy distribution system and the national infrastructure in the light of serious energy outages across the country at the time.  The Minister and Enemalta’s presentation detailed a 6-month action plan and considerations for the medium to long term. 70 kms of medium-voltage cables in the next 6 months were confirmed to MCESD, as part of a €55 million plan for 2024. In addition, a 60 MW temporary standby generation capacity is planned to ensure security of supply during emergencies until other clean energy sources being planned by the Government are introduced in the coming years.

MCESD appreciated the collaborative task force engaged to support Enemalta. This is expected to improve coordination of work and minimise inconvenience to society.

The social partners appreciated the detailed explanations and commitments and emphasised the importance of transparency and efficiency in the procurement and implementation processes. The meeting also detailed the need to ensure national energy efficiency and the need to be supported with long term national planning.

The MCESD Council welcomed the meeting with Minister Dalli and Enemalta, acknowledging the ongoing efforts to address the national imperative of reinforcing the energy distribution network in the country. The two parties pledged to meet regularly during the period leading up to summer 2024.

You may access the presentation from here.