MCESD sets up working groups in drive to up social dialogue in Malta

MCESD has taken a quality leap and is in the middle of setting up working groups comprising of members of the MECSD Council – from trade union representatives to employee and employer bodies – and members of the Civil Society and Gozo Regional committees within MCESD.

In an exclusive interview with, MCESD chairman James H. Pearsall explained that the working groups will focus on thematic areas. The concept is based on the ILO model.

Representatives of the working groups will hold meetings, adhering to the terms of reference provided by MCESD, on the principles tied to a topic which would be up for discussion during MCESD meetings. The areas vary from new forms of employment to gender pay gap, among other issues. As a result of the working groups, the discussion will be more fruitful and those participating will have in-depth knowledge about the subject so working group representatives can give their take during the discussion and eventually a decision is reached for a way forward.

This is the new chairman’s direction, to streamline operations and give working groups the backing they require. And by the time we get to plenary (the plenary is a reference to the actual MCESD meetings), those present will be in a position to discuss consolidated opinions based on research, MCESD facilitating the discussions in the process.

The idea is for MCESD to go from the step of informing to engaging with stakeholders. In the end, it is for the good of all citizens. Representatives who sit on the council and committees represent society at large, therefore it is the citizens that will benefit from these changes within MCESD.