MCESD publishes 2021 National Activity Report

The MCESD has published the 2021 National Activity Report. During the year the MCESD council met to discuss various socio-economic pertinent issues. The main themes discussed where the pensions system, good governance and rule of law, the Covid situation, the National post Covid-19 strategy and the importance of evidence based research, amongst others.

The MCESD Chairperson, Mr. James H. Pearsall, noted that “social dialogue is a catalyst for socio-economic recovery” and that the MCESD is also helping establish an environment of trust between members despite that it is natural that all representative organisations have their own agenda.

Ms. Adriana Chircop, the Executive Secretary, said that the  “MCESD upped its efforts amid the pandemic” and that 2021, like 2020 was a challenging and eventful year. Efforts were enhanced in a bid to ensure that the proceedings of all meetings, be they council, committee or work group meetings, are underpinned by research reports so that these reports form the basis of the evolving discussions at MCESD.

The full National Activity Report 2021 can be accessed here.