MCESD participates in National Climate Change conference

The Executive Secretary of MCESD, Adriana Chircop, participated in the National Climate Change conference held at the InterContinental Arena Conference Centre (IACC) – Maurice De Cesare on October 26.

In response to the climate change crisis, MECP launched a nationwide public awareness campaign to promote climate action. Indeed, central to the campaign were the very concepts within the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), which was launched for public consultation earlier this year. The LCDS governance framework pays particular attention to the active participation of stakeholders at all levels of society, as well as the promotion of climate-related education.

Capacity building is also identified as a key component, as it fosters the expertise, research and innovation needed in the field of low-carbon development.

In this context, the National Climate Change Conference 2021: Gaining momentum for Climate Action, gave these areas a platform for discussions and how to further explore ways on how we can tackle the climate crisis.

The agenda covered a range of key topics, and the event presented an opportunity to network with a number of stakeholders to share common challenges to achieve Malta’s climate targets.