MCESD meeting with Malta Business Bureau on work from home study


  • One in 5 workers gives 100% when working remotely
  • 44% work full 40-hours from home

An MCESD meeting being held this morning is discussing a study by Dr Marie Briguglio on work from home.

The study looks at the implications for businesses and the environment in Malta.

Present for the meeting, held in conjunction with the Malta Business Bureau (MBB), are Ministers Carmelo Abela and Minister Aaron Farrugia, along with MCESD members comprising of representatives of trade unions and employer organisations.

The study found that one in five workers gives his/her 100 per cent when working from home. 44% work a full 40 hours from home. Majority satisfied with work from home and the flexibility arrangements that come with it.

Work from home helped businesses retain staff members who need to take care of their children, and brought about more productivity. Colleagues do not stop to chat from desk to desk when working from home which helps increase productivity while workers were using their cars less, leading to less pollutants in the air. However, the use of cars is still on the high side despite the fact that many workers are working from home.

Work from home also reduced expenses for businesses. The impact of work from home is positive on the whole. The issue at stake is how we can encourage more team work and communication tools.

Isolation of workers needs to be tackled as well. Measures needed to measure productivity outside the place of work.

Mr Simon De Cesare, President of MBB, said that businesses are applying a mix of work from home and the place of work and working from home doesn’t mean that we are abandoning the work place.