pearsall agius saliba

MCESD Chairperson meets MEP Alex Agius Saliba

MCESD Chairperson held a meeting with MEP Alex Agius Saliba. This meeting served as an opportunity to discuss some of the recommendations of the fairness report, which is one of the five research reports conducted by the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development. Issues such as Remote Work, Telework, Digital nomads (i.e. people working remotely from different locations), platform work, and even vulnerable groups were addressed during the meeting.

The ultimate aim of this meeting was to ensure that, like the other meetings that the Chairperson of the MCESD is organising with the Maltese MEPs, the discussions that take place within the MCESD reach European levels, thus social dialogue continues to be effective at both its formal and informal levels.

Mr James Pearsall and MEP Alex Agius Saliba focused their discussion on the ongoing work to reduce inequalities, especially with the most vulnerable, in the wake of economic growth.

The digital sector was also discussed, including the production of chips that are used in all the accessories we use every day; from cars to electronic devices. Agius Saliba spoke about how the digital sector is a very important sector in today’s life and that our country should look at it with great importance. Mr Pearsall stressed that he would see to it that, as was already being done at MCESD meetings, discussions on particular sectors such as the digital sector would be given importance.

Mr Pearsall, following last meeting with MEP Cyrus Engerer and MEP Alfred Sant  extended the invitation to MEP Josianne Cutajar to attend and participate in a formal MCESD meeting, following the social partners’ request.