MCESD and President of Malta Meet to Explore Collaboration in the interest of the Country’s Social and Economic Development.

The MCESD Chairperson, Perit David Xuereb, Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Dr. Andy Ellul, and staff representatives from both the MCESD and Hon. Ellul’s offices had the honour of meeting with Her Excellency, Dr. Myriam Spiteri Debono, the President of the Republic of Malta, at Sant’ Anton Palace. The meeting centred on the crucial role of social dialogue in supporting the country’s governance and development and highlighted the operations of the MCESD.

During the discussions, both Perit Xuereb and Dr. Ellul congratulated President Spiteri Debono on her appointment as the 11th President of the Republic of Malta. They expressed their gratitude for her hospitality and her steadfast support in promoting effective governance through proactive social dialogue.
Perit Xuereb provided an overview of the MCESD’s operations, emphasising its important role in facilitating robust discussions among social partners to prioritise and address national interests. He reiterated to the President the MCESD Council’s commitment to professional, respectful, and impactful principles in their operations and discussions. The importance of maintaining and enhancing robust social dialogue was a key focus, with discussions on how the MCESD is spearheading efforts to improve performance not only with external stakeholders but also internally among its staff through specialised training initiatives.

Parliamentary Secretary Ellul emphasised the importance of the President in the leadership of the country. He highlighted the significance of the MCESD and how they can collaborate for the good of our nation.

The MCESD Council is eagerly anticipating hosting President Spiteri Debono at an upcoming meeting. A national topic of choice will be selected for this session, where the President’s insights and feedback will be highly valued. The meeting also explored potential further collaborations, reflecting Her Excellency’s recent advocacies and the strategic direction of the MCESD.

The discussion also included references to the President’s recent speech, the Tripartite Plus framework, and the involvement of entities such as the Gozo Regional Committee (GRC) and the Civil Society Committee (CSC), highlighting an integrated approach to inclusive and participatory governance.
This meeting reinforces the ongoing commitment of the MCESD and the Office of the President to strengthen the framework of social dialogue in Malta, ensuring comprehensive representation and participation in the policymaking process.

President Myriam Spiteri Debono with MCESD Chairperson and Staff Members