Conference on the Future of Europe: MCESD participates in EESC virtual conference

EESC calls for new narrative with civil society in the driving seat


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted at its April plenary session a resolution on the Conference on the Future of Europe in which it calls on “a new narrative grounded on the realities of everyday life” to reconnect and engage with European citizens. For this, according to the resolution, it is essential to ensure that organised civil society is involved and plays a major role.

Among other aspects, the resolution outlines the need for a “fair and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 crisis that paves the way to a more inclusive society and builds long-term competitiveness”.

The adopted text also recognises the “paramount importance” of the double green and digital transition and the need to use the opportunity represented by the CoFoE to modernise and transform the EU’s industrial sectors and their supply chains, so that they remain competitive in a world of lower emissions.

MCESD chairperson James H. Pearsall and Executive Secretary Adriana Chircop participated in the conference.