Social Partners Discuss Active Ageing at an MCESD Council Meeting

The Malta Chamber and the General Workers’ Union (GWU) presented expert research on Active Ageing during an MCESD Council meeting, showcasing the collaborative effort of social partners. The Chairperson praised the choice of the proposed topic, especially as it originated from both a union and an employer body within MCESD.

Mr. Silvan Mifsud presented key insights, highlighting the potential of active ageing to address labour market challenges, enhance economic output, and increase productivity. The presentation covered demographic data, projecting an acceleration of old-age dependency in Malta compared to the EU. An econometric model illustrated economic impacts, with a call for further analysis and identification of economic and social sectors likely to retain 65-74-year-olds active.

Mr. David Spiteri Gingell emphasised flexible retirement, decoupling work withdrawal, and pension commencement to extend the transition period between careers. The proposal, supported by GWU and the Malta Chamber, addressed the shortage of employees by suggesting part-time work options for those aged 61 and above. Spiteri Gingell gave a presentation to the social partners on this topic.

Discussions revolved around sustainability, addressing low fertility rates, and creating national incentives for those over 61 who wish to continue working. The importance of fiscal incentives, avoiding the imposition of active ageing, and recognising the resource potential of older workers were stressed.

The Central Bank of Malta highlighted the need for discussions on fiscal impacts, and the Maltese Council for the Elderly, present at the meeting, shared comments and welcomed the discussion with satisfaction.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Hon. Andy Ellul, expressed gratitude in his introduction for the work of the MCESD in 2023. He anticipates impactful initiatives for 2024, including launching an entity that will detail public consultation on EU-related matters and address workplace democracy, green collective bargaining, AI in the workplace, and union membership for low-wage earners. Motivating and supporting society and companies adhering to ESG principles is also a key focus. This forward-looking approach aligns with the MCESD’s commitment to addressing diverse challenges and societal priorities in the coming year.

Looking ahead, the MCESD, through its esteemed social partners, pledges a commitment to detail various matters of national interest and address challenges affecting Maltese society in 2024. Building on the impactful discussions of 2023, the Council aims to exert influence on pressing issues that have a widespread impact on the country.

  • The presentation on Active Ageing: A Demographic Perspective may be accessed from here.
  • The presentation on Active Ageing: Flexible Retirement may be accessed from here.