SME Chamber applauds stellar vaccination strategy



Following a presentation made yesterday morning to Social Partners at MCESD, of which the SME Chamber is a full member, it was clearly explained how well the vaccination strategy has been implemented, putting Malta at the very top among achievers.

The SME Chamber is pleased to note how fast Malta has progressed, currently being the country with the highest number of 1st dose of the vaccine administered amongst all other countries. Malta will most probably also be the first country to reach the coveted herd immunity within the coming few days.

Together with the semi-lockdown in March, the vaccination strategy has been the primary contributor to the drastic decrease in cases, lower contaminations, lowering of cases requiring hospitalisation and deaths.

This is a great result not just for our health but also for our economy. The businesses we represent have been eagerly awaiting this sign of hope and a level of security, both for their own safety and for business to be able to restart.

Health and business go hand in hand and now that Malta is doing well on the health front business is restarting.

The SME Chamber is in full agreement with the strategy of gradual re-opening of the economy.

It is however important not just to take it gradually but also for all economic sectors to be given the opportunity to re-start, operating within the agreed health restrictions. All sectors can operate within this new normal with standards regulated by the appropriate protocols.

Based on the positive health result, the SME Chamber expects the gradual re-opening to continue being implemented.

It should be noted that there are some sectors that have been made to stop their operations for an indefinite period now. Some are still in the dark as to when their business can be allowed to restart. The SME Chamber will ensure that no sector is left behind in the progress our country is achieving.