PM Robert Abela addresses MCESD meeting at MCAST

Prime Minister Robert Abela this morning participated in an MCESD meeting, along with Minister Carmelo Abela. He explained to members of the MCESD Council the government’s work during the last months in terms of good governance and rule of law.

This is the third time in a matter of a few months that Prime Minister Abela addressed the MCESD Council members. Today’s meeting was held at MCAST, Paola.

The Prime Minister said that the Government concretely showed that good governance is at the top of its agenda and will continue with this pace to create new and sustainable prosperity.

He said that ever since his appointment a year ago, many unprecedented reforms had taken place that strengthened the rule of law; these included the appointment of the President, the strengthening of the Office of the Ombudsman, the Standing Committee on Corruption and the separation of the Office of the Advocate General.

On Moneyval, he highlighted that Malta has done its part and is confident that a satisfactory result will be achieved in the end.

Minister Carmelo Abela meanwhile said that good governance was everyone’s responsibility and the Government had delivered, not just through words but action.

MCESD chairperson Mr James Pearsall said that governance is something dynamic that doesn’t exclusively involve the Government, but is a continuous process that involves everyone, from top down and vice-versa. In this context, Mr Pearsall said that social dialogue should stand out in such a process.