New leadership for MCESD

New Changes in employment law, the forthcoming economic activities and social impact at the top of the agenda


Mr James Pearsall will start his new role as Chairperson of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) on Saturday August 1, 2020. Mr Pearsall will be the sixth chairperson of the MCESD and succeeds Mr John Bencini who served for the past seven years.

Mr Pearsall has experience in both trade unionism and in administration.

Minister Carmelo Abela said that with this appointment, the MCESD should go further and should strengthen its structures so that the social partners continue to find common ground on which to work together.

Biographical Note – James Pearsall

Mr James Pearsall started his career at Malta Drydocks and continued working for many years in the field of vocational training including the opening of vocational schools, as well as participating fully in the establishment of MCAST where he retired from his position as one of the directors at the Institute of Building and Construction Engineering. Mr Pearsall gave his contribution to the trade union field where he served for years as President of the General Workers Unions and through which he was also a member of the MCESD.

Mr Pearsall holds a Master’s degree in HR Training & Performance Management as well as a Diploma in Social Studies. He is part of the IPS educational board of the Institute of Public Service, which offers continuous professional training to all public service employees. For many years, he has been contributing to the work of the Industrial Tribunal.