Under the remit of the MCESD, there are two committees: the Civil Society Committee (CSC) and the Gozo Regional Committee (GRC), both of which, through their respective Chairpersons, have a seat on the MCESD. This ensures that the interests of civil society groups and Gozitan citizens are considered.

The Gozo Regional Committee

The Gozo Regional Committee brings together regional constituted bodies and it aims to promote new ventures for Gozo for it to be able to boost its social, economic and ecological sustainability. Furthermore, through discussions and proposals, the Committee addresses the constraints brought about by the double insularity of Gozo.

Entity  Name of Representative  Substitute / s 
Gozo University Group Ms. Estelle Scicluna Ms. Rebecca Grech Lateo
Union Haddiema Maghqudin Voice of the Workers Mr. Joseph Sultana N/A
Gozo NGO Association Mr. Saviour Grech Ms. Joany Mizzi
Gozo NGO Association Dr. Sean Zammit Mr. Martin Galea
Gozo NGO Association Mr. Miriam Portelli N/A
General Workers Union Mr. Alvin Scicluna Ms. Carmen Bajada
Gozo Tourism Association Mr. Konrad Scicluna Mr. Marvic Borg
Gozo Tourism Association Mr. Daniel Borg Mr. Paul Scicluna
Gozo Tourism Association N/A Mr. Edward Scerri
Gozo Tourism Association N/A Dr. Jonathan Mintoff
Confederation of Malta Trade Unions Dr. Anselm Psaila N/A
Ministry for Gozo Mr. Ronald Sultana Ms. Daniela Sabino
Local Councils Gozo Region Dr. Samuel Azzopardi Mr. Nicky Saliba
Local Councils Gozo Region Dr. Christian Zammit Mr. Paul Azzopardi
Local Councils Gozo Region Mr. David Apap Agius Mr. Mario Azzopardi
Gozo Diocese Mr. Toni Bezzina Ms. Melissa Sciberras
Forum Mr. Chris Attard Mr. Mark Cini
Malta Chambers of SMEs Mr. Michael Galea N/A

The Civil Society Committee

The Civil Society Committee within MCESD is unique in terms of its identity since it brings together various NGOs representing a wide range of sectors. It engages in timely and effective debates and discussions on matters that are of interest to the various groups involved.

Entity  Name of Representative  Substitute/s 
Association for Consumer Rights Malta Ms. Marie Demicoli Ms. Catherine Polidano
Association of Speech-Language Pathologists Ms. Norma Camilleri N/A
The National Association of Pensioners Mr. Moses Azzopardi N/A
National Council of Women Ms. Mary Gaerty N/A
Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations Ms. Lorraine Spiteri N/A
Malta Federation of Professional Associations Mr. Benjamin Rizzo Ms. Helga Pizzuto
JCI Malta Ms. Nicole Borg N/A
KNZ Ms. Chiara Vassallo N/A
Touring Club Malta Dr. Philip Agius Mr. Charles Bartolo
 Malta Beekeepers Association Mr. Antoine Attard Mr. Mario Sant
Wirt iz-Zejtun Mr. Jesmond Cutajar N/A
The Malta Association of Conservators-Restorers Mr. James Licari N/A
Malta Federation Organisation Persons with Disability Ms. Marthese Mugliette Mr. Ronald Galea
Anti-Poverty Forum Fr. Ivan Attard N/A
The Scout Association Malta Mr. Leslie Bonnici N/A
Local Councils’ Association Mr. Mario Fava Ms. Lianne Mifsud
St.John Rescue Corps Mr. Christopher Borg Cardona Mr. Gregory Ellul