Minister Carmelo Abela visits MCESD

Carmelo Abela, the new Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, visited the offices the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development, MCESD and MEUSAC. He stressed on the importance of an ambitious working plan for the coming year, adding that work should focus on communication between social partners on socio-economic reforms and EU’s benefits for citizens.

Referring to the work by MCESD, Minister Abela spoke on the importance that as a nation, we speak on current and future challenges that the country is facing. He stated that the social dialogue between the Government, employers and workers’ representatives should lead to further recommendations on socio-economic issues so that the families and Maltese and Gozitan businesses will enjoy better quality of life.

Minister Abela added that, on the other hand, MEUSAC is very relevant to bring about consultation on new EU laws and directives, both with Government and NGOs entities. He said that, as a country, Malta will therefore be able to respond to EU initiatives and contribute to the necessary changes.