MCESD Social Partners Discuss EU Single Market Challenges and Recommendations with Former Italian PM Enrico Letta

In the first meeting of the MCESD for this year, social partners gathered to address critical issues related to the Single Market. Former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta, serving as the rapporteur for the European Union and the future of the Single Market, engaged in discussions with MCESD members.

Chaired by Perit David Xuereb, the MCESD meeting included representation from key figures such as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for European Funds, Social Dialogue, and Consumer Protection, Chris Fearne, Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue, Andy Ellul, and the Senior Advisor and Special Envoy to the Prime Minister of Malta, Louis Grech.

Enrico Letta, following discussions with the Prime Minister of Malta and cabinet members, sought feedback and recommendations from the MCESD. His responsibility includes gathering opinions from European and national bodies, employers, trade unions, and civil society associations.

Parliamentary Secretary Andy Ellul acknowledged Mr. Louis Grech’s role in shaping Malta’s Single Market framework within the Maltese Government. Hon. Ellul also highlighted the MCESD’s comprehensive exploration of single market topics as a crucial asset for Malta.

Expressing appreciation for the meeting, Enrico Letta emphasised the importance of tangible examples in reinforcing the exchange of views. He stressed that the examination of the single market is a collective effort aimed at discussing ways to strengthen its structure. Letta invited the MCESD social partners to share their insightful perspectives, emphasising their integral role in ongoing discussions at both the Mediterranean and European levels.

To facilitate discussions, the MCESD presented a researched document outlining Malta’s recent participation in the Single Market, addressing challenges, barriers, and opportunities specific to the Maltese Islands. The MCESD prepared and presented this document, which contained contributions from all Social Partners, covering crucial topics such as goods and services, transportation, and cross-cutting themes, including energy, digital union, and state aid.

Enrico Letta expressed anticipation for continued collaboration with Maltese Social Partners, while the MCESD committed to continuing to support this transformation process of the EU Single Market through tangible and meaningful suggestions and proposals.

  • Access the presentation from here.
  • Access the researched document from here.